Peak into a new reality...

A paradigm shift in cognition.

Rendered, final product may vary.

Spatial Reality Computing.

Because we believe traditional computers suck.

Visuals. Like no other.

Polychromatic lasers.. pew.

Control your World

Integrate with existing legacy computing infrastructure.
Mobile Devices, Computers, TVs, Lights, Speakers, almost everything.

Experience Expos!

Expositions that are out of this world, and enhance it!

Looks great
Easy to use
Try it yourself!

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The greatest show on earth...

Welcome to a new reality.



Nine amazing applications to get you started.

music _ guitar, instrument, hobby, activity, skill, genre, musician, audition, band@2x.png

Experience Events!

Expositions based on events and location.

web development _ web design, design, construction, website, webpage, customization, paint@2x.png

Built for education.

Learn the way you want.

travel, navigation, location _ route, map, destination, vehicle, accommodation@2x.png


Non-distractive driving, walking, and riding navigation.

mobile device _ smartphone, qr code, scan, mobile, phone, scanning@2x.png

Augmented Ecosystem

Augments your current ecosystem and add a screen to anything!

sports _ basketball, sport, physical, fitness, achievement, accomplishment, target, goal@2x.png

Sports Analysis

Get live statistics and sports analysis.

travel _ landmark, flight, international, overseas, global, countries, travelling, tourguide@2x.png

World Travel Assistance

Experience the best travel spots.

travel, hobby _ tropical, vacation, holiday, activities, crafts, sports, gaming, video game@2x.png

Play in Reality

Gaming like never before.

security _ incognito, investigate, detective, scan, tracker, privacy, search, find@2x.png

Be Informed

Crime-detection Assistive Technology

design _ responsive, compatible, device, screen, rotation, size, resize, application@2x.png

Works with your Phone

iPhone or Android