The Why.

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Jon Caraveo - Following the American Dream...
Why did I choose to create a cognitive platform? What does that even mean? The most complex type of system that is possible? I could have chosen to be great at something small, a niche, or a written a short book, or tackled something small, greatly; Like, Most excessively successfully co... Read More

Reality... is it gone yet?

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No? Ok, then time to get to work. What if you could have the stars in your hand?   You know like this: Not convinced b... Read More

Hey, Hi, Hello!

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Welcome to the Start-up Cap 🧢 a blog where we discuss interesting things about start-ups, technology, fintech, VR software, AR hardware, blockchain, Philo-cation, gaming, anything that I (Jon) find interesting. Don't forget Music!... Read More